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40 Alluring Illustrations for your Inspiration


Illustrations can come in a variety of different styles and forms. From abstract, to photographic, artist use different means to display their personality in their work. In this post I will share with you 40 illustrations for your inspiration.

2011 Recent Personal Work

A Huddled Mass of Liberties

Die Young at Heart

Dudes Factory & Mc Bess

Editorial 2010

Editorial Illustration

Editorial – The Wall Street Journal

Espn Classic – Great Controversies

GQ Magazine

Hookah Card for Restaurant White Rabbit

Identity Illustrations

Illustration 5

Illustration 6

Illustration for Belletristik Berlin

Illustration Mix



Schemes for Fun

Steampunk Characters

Yorokobu Issue 18 Cover

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  1. I’m the Illustrator of the octopus and the woman in the money dress. Find me at http://www.lisahaney.com – Lisa Haney

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