Human Statue Effect : Cursed by Medusa

Human Statue Effect : Cursed by Medusa

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Hello again. This time we’ll make a Stone Cursed person effect in Photoshop. I have used Photoshop CS4 for this tutorial.  Medusa, in the Greek mythology, is a female monster that, gazing directly upon her, would turn onlookers to stone.

Final Result


We’ll use this one:


Name the layer to “Kid“. Duplicate the “Kid” layer by right click on the layer and choose Duplicate Layer or CTRL+J for shortcut command.

Name this duplicated layer to “KidCopy” and close the “Kid” layer for a while, we’ll use it later on.

Desaturate the Duplicate Layer. Go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate.

On the “KidCopy” Layer, Remove the background and the eyes. I used the Pen Tool (P).


Once your done the image will look like this.

Área de transferência11

Now we need a texture. We’ll use this Concrete texture downloaded from GrungeTextures. Open it to photoshop. Name the layer to “Texture“. Rotate it to 90° CCW. Go to Edit>Transfrom>Rotate 90° CCW.

Concrete Texture

Hold CTRL+CLICK on the “KidCopy” layer so that it will be in selection mode. Click the “Texture” Layer and inverse the selection. Go to Select> Inverse. Now press DELETE.

Área de transferência13

Now Set the “Texture” layer to Multiply. Desaturate the “KidCopy” Layer. Go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. The image will now look like this.

Área de transferência02

Working on the eye. On the “Textures” layer, Select an area using Polygonal Lasso Tool (L). Try to select below the eye and once your done selecting press CTRL+J to duplicate the selected area. Same Process on the Right eye. Name the left duplicate to “Left Eye” and “Right Eye” for the right side.

Área de transferência16

Now move the “Left Eye” and the “Right Eye” layer below the “HandsomeCopy” Layer by click on the duplicate layer and dragging it below on the layers palette. Heres the position of the Layers.

Área de transferência20

Place the “Left Eye” and “Right Eye” Layer to the proper position Using Move Tool (V). See this image below.

Área de transferência22

To adjust the Lightness of the Right Eye and Left Eye Layer, go toImage>Adjustments> Hue/Saturation then adjust the Lightness to -40 so it will be a bit darker.

Choose Burn Tool (O). Set the range to Highlights and Exposure to 30%. Start Using burn tool on the sides of the eye.

Área de transferência24

Working on the hair. We will use Curves to match it with the skin and to make it more lighter. Select the “KidCopy” layer, Choose Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and select the hair.

Área de transferência26

Go to Image>Adjustments>Curves. Adjust at your taste.

Now our image will look like this after we adjust the hair:

Área de transferência28

Now to finish, Choose Burn Too (O) and try to apply some darker area on the nose and the eye a little. Open the “Handsome” layer to bring back the background. Now we’re done!!!!


I hope you learn something on this tutorial and let me hear your feedbacks.

Download Source Files

Human Statue | (ZIP, 17.06MB)

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AsHok Jain
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